Brand Pain and the digital reality. Reducing customer effort and improving CX across the digital journey, by using Consumer neuroscience

This seminar is designed to help marketing and communication decision makers gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, by using recent findings from neuroscience that allow them to analyse subconscious and unbiased customer insights.

The seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Principles of behavioural neuroscience. Conscious and subconscious processes that drive human behaviour, engagement and loyalty.
  • Factors influencing the processing of communication messages and consumer behaviour in a digital environment (attention, memory, emotions, salience, heuristics etc).
  • Measuring brand pain. Is your brand inflicting pain on your customers? Learn why effort is perceived by our brains as pain, and how to measure and reduce Customer Effort, in order to increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Practical approach. Case studies and best practices from various industries that apply consumer neuroscience principles to nudge customers and induce specific behavioural changes.

Seminar goals:

Upon completing the seminar, participants will have a better understanding of the brain processes that underlie consumer behaviour. They will be able to recognize the triggers that get customers to decide and learn how to increase customer engagement by reducing Customer Effort.

Attendees benefits:

  • Deeper understanding of the main processes that underly consumer behaviour while navigating in a digital environment.
  • Learn how to apply neuro findings in building efficient digital journeys: reduce cognitive load and increase conversion, attract attention and build relevant journeys and reduce churn rate.
  • Learn how to increase customer engagement & loyalty by reducing friction.
  • Learn how to take advantage of customers’ cognitive biases that enhance the experience and how to avoid the ones that hurt your brands.

About Ana Iorga

Dr. Ana Iorga is a savvy consumer neuroscience expert with a deep abiding passion for bringing science to marketing. She is a professional who has spent over a decade in working with business as well as academia.

Ana, having founded a full service advertising agency, has deep expertise in the world of design, communication, branding and the creation of marketing campaigns for brands across diverse industries such as Consumer Goods, Retail, Finance and Media. Given her unique academic background, Ana then set out to found Buyer Brain, a consumer neuroscience company that focuses on delivering non-conscious insights which drive deeper customer engagement.

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About Anil V. Pillai

Spanning a professional career of over two decades, Dr. Anil V. Pillai is an experienced engagement strategy expert. His area of expertise is in building and executing customer engagement, customer experience and customer centricity solutions for organizations. His strength to connect seemingly unrelated dots helps in creating unique solutions to complex customer pain challenges.

He is one of the pioneers in India in the areas of Data Analytics and Customer Experience and he is one of the individual founder members of CXPA, a global body of Customer Experience Professionals. He works with Fortune 500 companies who are some of the largest brands in Asia and globally.

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